5 Tips to Stay Afloat in Tough Times

5 Tips to Stay Afloat in Tough Times

30th October

A lot of people are worried about COVID-19 and the impact it will have on their lives and the lives of their families. The health concerns are terrifying. And yet, anyone with eyes can see that the economic effects of a sustained global shut down are, well, potentially catasrophic.

And I'm saying that inspite of the fact that I am and will always remain an eternal optimist.

Gino and I have been here before. We lost our business in Hurricane Irma and were forced to refocus and find solutions to every obstacle that turned up since then. And there were many.

The next few months are going to be difficult for all of us, I wanted to share some tips on how you can stay afloat in tough times.

Take account of the moment you are in

This is step one. Some people are still living life like it's NYE December 31st 2019.

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These are unprecedented times. Many people have lost their lives, Many are fighting for their lives. Others have lost their jobs and savings.

Shift your mindset to understand that You are not in peacetime, this is war time. And in war time you have to adjust your mindset and your actions to survive. It's simple. Adapt or perish.

Focus on what you can control

This one is tough at times, particularly for me. But your energy, your time it's all very scarce. Don't waste one second getting frustrated about Situations and People, bullshit that is not in your control. Focus on doing what you can do.

Focus your attention on the areas where your energy resources will produce a return. Again, we are In war time. And in war time, you dont waste soldiers fighting battles you can't win. Don't waste time on shit you can't control.

Work on your faith

Nothing tests your faith like tough times. Faith and gratitude are like exercise and fitness. The more you practice it, the more fit you become.

How I maintain my faith?
  1. Develop a gratitude routine
  2. Block out the negativity
  3. Understand that what is to be will be
  4. BELIEVE that Gods plan for your life is bigger than any plan you could ever have.
  5. Be patient

Look for opportunities to help

On Friday March 13th I was tripping.
There was just so much that was unknown.
I hated the uncertainty.

But action, that changes everything.
Over the course of my life I've developed the habit of taking action at the most trying moments.

When I am fearful. I act.
When I am uncertain. I act.
When I am doubtful. I act.
And all of a sudden, I am no longer afraid, unsure or doubtful.

If you are afraid, if you don’t know what’s next, if you are uncertain. Find some opportunity to contribute. Brainstorm solutions and find an opportunity to help.

ACTION is the Antidote.

Understand It's temporary

None of it is permanent. None of it. Everything in life is temporary. The good times. The bad. It’s all temporary.

Some people get so caught up in their obsession to find Utopia, they miss out on opportunities to see the good in every situation. Good or bad. Make the best of this moment. Find the good in it. And understand it’s all temporary. It all gets better. :)

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